Boys will be boys, and when it comes to Grandmas,
boys are never wrong...

Every summer during their childhood, four boys would visit their grandmas. And every summer their grandmas would spoil them with homemade lemonade in their favorite flavors. For Andrew it was watermelon all the way, but Jarrod couldn’t get enough raspberry. Jesse loved sweet Georgia peach, but Reggie only had eyes for strawberry. Fast forward many summers, and our boys are now grown men and friends… who couldn’t stop arguing over who’s grandma makes the best lemonade! In fact, the only thing they could agree on is that lemonade should taste like “summer in a cup.” Their friendly competition soon evolved into epic mixology battles, where old flavors were perfected and new flavors created. When friends and family couldn’t get enough of their freshly squeezed, gourmet lemonade and began requesting it for parties, events and gatherings - these mad scientists knew they had something special.

After launching in July 2013, Houston-based Grandma’s Boys Lemonade has become a local sweet sensation! With the success of their lemonades and requests for other beverages pouring in, the boys began tinkering with tart limeades and "south of the boarder" style frescas. While Houstonians, young and old, have come to crave their inventive flavors and easy southern charm - the real mission for Andrew, Jarrod, Jesse and Reggie is to bring the true joy and power of their family tradition to the world. After all, the most important lesson their grandma’s taught them is that things born of love & shared with love can solve any problem, whether repairing relationships or uniting communities. And you best believe that the first ingredient in every cup of Grandma’s Boys Lemonade is love.


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